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Voted Best Gym in Sacramento!

Blair Morrison & Anywhere Fit is the 2018 KCRA A-List Winner as the "Best Gym" in Sacramento. (4 years in a row) One of the hardest and favored honors in the area.

What is anywhere fit?

Anywherefit is Sacramento’s leading functional fitness community. Anywherefit is more than just another strength and conditioning gym. We are qualified and prepared to get you started on the road to a better you.

Why choose only one way to fitness

Tired of doing the same thing? Don't have enough variety in your workout routine? Anywhere Fit is focused on providing workouts for all levels of fitness and interests. A broader range of fitness is key for health, building muscles, improving flexibility and more. View Our Programs
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    Top level athletes, including 3X Games athlete Blair Morrison, leads the program at Anywhere Fit. Coaches make and break a gym, we are built on a solid foundation.

    Have Cold Feet? Don’t worry.

    Let us share with you what you can expect, and even a free at home workout!