Anne Dunne

I grew up in the small town of Rough and Ready, CA with adventure and the outdoors as my entertainment. Between both my mother and father’s house, I was constantly on the move and learning new things. If you asked me for some fun facts about myself, I would tell you first that my whole family is from Ireland and they’ve never heard of CrossFit and two, I have moved over 35 times in my lifetime with my family.  I grew up playing almost every sport possible and was blessed enough to have 4 sibling to compete against in all of these elements. This life of adventure and change has taught me many things, including how to keep my fitness and health strong amongst all of the chaos.

Through college I played soccer and my time spent on the field and with my team was the extent of my fitness career. I found myself jumping around colleges, going from school to school and never really finding my niche on a team. Finally, at the end of my Junior year and 5 colleges down the line, I decided to close the door on my competitive soccer career and stop the endless search to find a team that I could fit in with. I found myself struggling with this decision, lonely and with no knowledge on how to maintain my fitness or allow for a competitive outlet. I had a good friend that was participating in a competition that he called the Open and asked if I could go to a gym with him and film his workouts. I had no idea what this meant and really didn’t know anything about CrossFit, but I knew I could hold a video camera for him while he did his business. Not having a clue what I was getting myself into, I showed up at the gym, CrossFit Pleasanton, and got my socks knocked off. Immediately, I was embraced by the CrossFit community and finally felt that I had found my niche. I could be big and strong, I could still compete against others yet I still had teammates there to support me when I was failing. From this day forward, I have never looked back and cannot thank my friend enough for inviting me along.

Making CrossFit a part of our lives, I strongly believe there needs to be a balance between life and our gym time. When we are in the gym, we train hard and embrace each other. This is our time to forget our stress and our problems and seek some competitive meditation. When we are out of the gym, I believe we should focus on life, longevity and how to enjoy the most out of every day. I love being a part of CrossFit Anywhere because the focus is to get outdoors, get to new places and to keep moving. Working out has such an incredible benefit, not only for our physical state but also for our mental well-being. We all have have challenges in life and change is something we cannot stop. Therefore, we remember that no matter where we are, we can always allot 20 minutes of our day to a quick workout to decrease stress, increase the good endorphins and get us on our way. I will constantly be fighting to find the balance of life between my family, my friends, skiing, snowboarding, swimming, camping, running, playing soccer, CrossFitting, mountain biking, hiking and oh yea… having a job! It’s a great thing that the family at CFA is in this boat with me, always keeping fitness and health strong amongst the chaos of life.