Clint Milusnic

I’ve had a passion for sport and fitness from the time I was a kid.  Basketball, soccer, tennis… You name it, I played it and loved it.  But it wasn’t until I tore my ACL while serving in the Navy that I truly realized what a gift our physical fitness is.  Like so many things in life, we don’t know what we have until it’s gone.  For a long time I labored with my limitations, resenting the fact that there were things I could no longer do.  My focus was wrong.  Finding CrossFit reminded me of all the things I was still capable of.  It reminded me that hard work and dedication are controlled variables and it’s carried me to a peak of fitness that I never had even before my surgeries.

Now I love nothing more than getting outside, leading hikes, and helping others reach levels of physical freedom they never thought possible.  As a coach at Anywherefit I most enjoy the individual attention I can pay members pertaining to their mobility, nutrition, or their mindset.