Denny Wilson

  • 2:21Fran
  • 277Clean & Jerk
  • 225Snatch
  • 425Deadlift
  • 405Back Squat
  • I was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. Growing up I had a love for baseball that consumed me. It was not until my early teen years that I discovered motocross. When I was twelve I had the chance to ride my first dirt bike. Three months later, and after mowing many lawns I was able to get my first bike. For the next 8 years, racing motocross and cross-country was life. Then, in fall of 2007 I began attending CSU Sacramento. I quickly discovered college took most of my time, which didn’t allow for a weekends spent racing and riding. In December of 2009 my now Brother-in-Law, a Captain in the Army, introduced me to CrossFit. My first workout was Murph. Once my body recovered (two weeks later) I had found a new love.

    Over the next year I spent many hours on watching Journal videos on proper movement, nutrition, and mobility. In December 2010 I attended my Level 1 Certification. I have always practiced healthy eating habits and maintained a certain level of fitness, but CrossFit is so much more than that. CrossFit is community, it is life changing and I want to be in a position to help others on their journey. I enjoy seeing others succeed, overcome obstacles, and push themselves beyond what they thought possible. Coaching CrossFit allows me to do all of these things on a daily basis. These days CrossFit is tightly knitted into every aspect of life. Working out is a love my wife and I share; Kettle bells and rings come on vacations with us. Our weekends typically involve loading up the truck with equipment and traveling to a park, river, or track with friends to get down on a wod. I am set to graduate from Sac State in the spring of 2013 with a degree in Construction Management and a minor in Business Administration. My plan is to pursue a career in law enforcement after graduating. My short term plans and goals are in place, the long-term is unknown and unknowable. However, no matter where life takes me, CrossFit is sure to come with. I look forward to coaching and working out along side you.