Emilie Schneider

I am a scientist by profession with a passion for health and fitness. CrossFit provides me with an incredible balance to work life and functional fitness I can put to use. I enjoy taking my fitness outside and welcome new physical challenges. It is empowering to know I am fit, healthy, and strong enough to sporadically embark on a rigorous hike in Yosemite or a challenging mountain bike ride.

I competed on swim team from 8 years old through high school. Not only did I love the physical challenge, what kept me coming back and pushing through hard workouts were the teammates doing the same alongside me.  While attending Cal Poly, I joined Cal Poly Masters Swimming and the SLO Roadrunners and Triathlon Club and loved staying active with these wonderful people. The comradery that emerges from a group overcoming individual challenges are unlike any other bond. The coached group fitness dynamic of CrossFit is what lured me to my first class in San Diego in December 2012. I fell in love immediately. The energy, support, encouragement, empowerment, confidence, self-discovery, amazing people, and continuous challenge make me love being part of this community.

CrossFit empowers the individual with the physical and mental abilities to ignore the voice that says something is too hard and it is time to quit. This is why I fell in love with the sport and the main reason I love coaching. Daily, I witness people find the drive to overcome challenges and achieve things they are genuinely proud of. This can be life changing.

Life presents challenges daily and we can only control so much. At “3-2-1 GO!” it is just you, the clock, and the movements. You control your strategy, reps, how you handle unforeseen variables, and how you react when it seems impossible to continue. Every person that steps into a CrossFit gym has their own reasons behind their drive, but they are all tackling the workout together. The fastest athlete to finish catches their breath and cheers on the slowest until the clock runs out.

This is why I love CrossFit.