Nutrition Coach

Lauren Sandoval

I grew up in a single parent household, regularly eating fast food and quick-to-make meals. Cereal, macaroni and cheese, meat and potato dinners were the regular when I moved in with my grandparents in high school. I had played volleyball since 5th grade, and I loved to be active, whether on a court or out in nature. Regardless, I was always what I call “fluffy”- not terribly overweight but not in possession of a fit body, either. I found CrossFit in 2008, which led to my first introduction to the Paleo way of eating when my gym held a Nutrition Challenge. I knew I had found my groove. I lost 2 pant sizes and gained 7 pound of muscle in 6 short weeks! I was hitting personal records on lifts and got my Fran time down to 6:47. I have been hooked on CrossFit and Paleo ever since.
I love helping people unlock their potential through movement as well as through their diet. My partner and I run regular Nutrition Challenges at CFA. Please visit our website to learn more about what we offer.