Michael Bujor


My fitness journey, and why I coach, is about so much more than just being fit, it’s about pushing boundaries. It’s about redefining what’s possible in your life, taking control, and coming to the realization that we are far more capable than we think we are. That’s why I do what I do and I do it so passionately, I want to help people accomplish things that they never dreamed possible. To me, that’s what the gym is all about, making people better. All my life, I’ve felt like the underdog. I’ve always felt as if I didn’t have the ability to succeed as much as the next person might have. Today, I still feel that way a lot. However, now, I have the courage and belief in my abilities that I work hard every day to make sure that the underdog wins each and every time. In today’s society, we’re so focused on the quick fix. We’re so focused on taking the easy way to getting where we want to get, and every time we fail, we just give up. That results in people with a low self esteem, an infinitesimal belief in ones self, and a complete lack of fulfillment in most areas of their life as a result of their past failures. However, this is why I’m so grateful to be able to live the life that I live, because I can help be a part of the solution. I can help build character in others. I can help build confidence in others. I can help mold people into a version of themselves that they can be proud of. Not many people can go to work on a daily basis and say that.