Barbell Coach

Robert Gray

I played football from age 12 to 22, basketball from 8 to 18, and baseball in my younger years. These sports required me to train hard and utilize the weightroom in order to improve, and I loved that. I guess this was the beginning of my addiction to fitness.

I got started in personal training in 2009 as an ACSM trainer at 24 hour fitness, but wasn’t happy with the environment. The culture was very sales oriented, with a lot of focus on bringing warm bodies in the door rather than improving the quality for the people we already had.

For me, CrossFit was a breath of fresh air. I found the main site in 2012 and started incorporating it into my own training during the end of my football career. After I finished playing, I knew this new sport of fitness could be my competitive outlet.

Coaching has become my passion, not because I always pictured myself as a coach, but because I love seeing people improve beyond their expectations. Every time a client sets a PR, every time they learn how to control their body and do lifts properly, and every time they see themselves transform their lifestyle, I get an amazing rush of satisfaction.