Ryan Buckner

My background in fitness training has been long and is much different then when I first started. I have a variety of experience in rigorous training regimens. I partook in prototypical training methods in high school for football and wrestling. Then I moved onto college and wrestled at Kent State University. During my time there, I was exposed to unique ideas and styles of training along with a new level of intensity. Once I graduated, I found myself looking for a form of training with the competitive nature similar to wrestling. My CrossFit journey started in 2013 when I walked into a CF box that a friend told me about. It took me all of about one workout to realize I found my next passion. I’m fortunate enough now to be in a place where I still get to compete but also get to coach and help the people that walk through the CFA doors. This combination of pursuits fuels my desire to continuously become a better version of both the athlete and the coach. Prior to living in the great state of CA, I had a short stint in AZ and lived most of my life in O-H-I-O.