Stefani Graham

  • 3:30Fran
  • 210Clean & Jerk
  • 175Snatch
  • 310Deadlift
  • 295Back Squat
  • My first experience with CrossFit was during the 2012 Open. 7 minutes of burpees in my living room with my brother in law cheering me on (he was the one that signed me up). I had never done a burpee before, yet there I was struggling through 7 minutes of them. Even though it was incredibly hard, it motivated me to keep going and try my hand at the rest of the Open.

    Fast forward 6 months and I was a member at CrossFit Anywhere trying to learn the right way to do all the stuff I saw people doing on TV. I was personal training at 24 hour fitness and using my newfound skills to improve my client’s sessions. I loved the intensity of the workouts and the connection it helped forge with me and my clients.

    Not long after, I began coaching and training full time at Crossfit Anywhere and was blown away by the welcoming and open nature of this place. It was so different from the gym atmosphere I was used to. I’ve grown to love the team aspect of crossfit, from competitions to every day WODs. The group dynamic motivates me more than anything else, and I want to bring that to every new member that comes through our doors.