Taylor Lawson

I am a competitor. Always have been and always will be. From having “seatbelt races” in the car with my dad as a kid, to bringing the ball down the court in high school and tackling each hurdle on the track in college, I have always loved competing. It taught me to thrive under pressure, and to be tough when all you want to do is give up. Competition delivers a hyperaware state of mind as sheer focus overwhelms your thoughts and adrenaline rushes your veins under the pressure of a big moment. I live for those moments.

But I also live for moments bigger than those. The moments in the gym where I am able to witness first-hand others become fitter and healthier versions of themselves. The moments where people believe in their bodies’ incredible capacity and ability, maybe for the first time in years. Being able to coach, and hopefully inspire, someone to achieve his or her first pull-up, first rope climb, a PR in the snatch. The moments where I see my favorite look flood a face: the triumphant and shocked expression that beams “I never knew I was capable of that.” Moreover, I love that people can come into a Crossfit gym and chase after progress right alongside others that are at totally different points of their fitness journeys, and everyone’s victories are celebrated as equally awesome and worthy.

I was first introduced to Crossfit in 2010 when my mom asked if I would accompany her to an introductory class of a bootcamp style workout program that all her “mom” friends had recently gotten into. She didn’t want to go alone, and having just signed a letter of intent to run the 400 hurdles at Cal, I thought I was pretty hot stuff and that this would be a walk in the park, so I obliged. Ten minutes into the pitch I was intrigued by Crossfit’s foundational movement philosophy.  Two minutes into the workout I was feeling real humbled. And ten minutes later I was hooked. Oh, and about five minutes after that, once I could move again, I had a new respect for all of my mom’s friends.

For the next four years I tried to stay involved as best I could, receiving my Level 1 Certification in August of 2012, and coaching part time here and there while still in school. Upon graduating in May of 2014, I fed my wanderlust and desire for adventure with a few months of travel, and then hung up the track spikes and decided to pursue coaching and training on the beautiful westside of Oahu. One and a half years later, I had made my way back to California and landed in Folsom, where I was welcomed by Blair and the awesome crew at Crossfit Anywhere. I love CFAs commitment to getting outside, experiencing the beautiful world that surrounds us, and their philosophy that fitness is, in fact, anywhere and everywhere.