Price Match Guarantee!

Coming from a different gym? Make sure to ask about how you can get your first month at Anywhere Fit for the same monthly price of your old gym.
*Read below to see more detailed descriptions of our classes and how our membership works!


Initiation cost is $20, the price of your very first CrossFit Anywhere T shirt!!! Your initial commitment will be 3 months — this is to give your body a chance to adapt to our training methods and our membership the chance to get to know you as a person. After that, it’s month to month and you can cancel any time. Servicemen, Police, and Fire are eligible for a discounted rate. The same discount will be applied to second members of a household. Please contact for more information about rates.


We will require everyone that has been doing CrossFit for less than 6 consecutive months to enroll in either AnywhereX or OnRamp. Both routes will teach you to squat, dead lift, and press using your body weight until your technique is suitable for adding load. We believe that without correct bio mechanics, weight and intensity are worthless, so expect to be coached hard in this area. You will be introduced to some fundamental gymnastics, including quadrupedal movement, the forward roll, the kipping pullup, and handstands against a wall. Here we want to develop spatial awareness within the body so that it correctly knows how to move and protect itself when under stress. You will also be introduced to the snatch and clean & jerk, two of the most dynamic movements in sport. Under the watchful eyes of expert coaches trained to teach and instill proper technique, you will learn to use the body as a kinetic chain to move weight efficiently and with speed. Finally, you will be taught the basics of how to prepare and recover your body before and after a session. Using self-myofascial techniques you will learn to release tension in your body’s tissues with foam rolls, lacrosse balls, and wooden dowels. All training and no preparation is a recipe for injury… this session is designed to prevent this from happening.


If you’re out of shape or have only been training sporadically, do not fear. Our AnywhereX class is designed to introduce you to the basics of CrossFit gradually while getting your conditioning up to speed. Each day will include a skill session dedicated to teaching you the proper technique for all the fundamental lifts and a bodyweight workout that will build your cardie-respiratory endurance. The majority of sessions are team oriented, giving you the opportunity to build relationships with others in class. All new memebrs must complete a minimum of 4 weeks in AnywhereX before starting the Level I program. There is no additional cost for these classes.


A more accelerated introduction to CrossFit, OnRamp is intended for those who cannot make the AnywhereX times. You will be taken through a 5 session on-ramp cycle where you will learn all the fundamental exercises and movement patterns that form the foundation of CrossFit. These classes are scheduled directly with a coach, typically range from 30-45 minutes in length, and will be kept small. They will also include brief bouts of conditioning to introduce your body to intensity. The cost is $25 per session.


If you are joining us from another affiliate or have been CrossFitting for more than 6 consecutive months and wish to bypass the on-ramp cycle, you must first meet with one of our coaches for an evaluation session. During this hour you will be asked to demonstrate all the skills coached in on-ramp and then be put through our Baseline WOD. This is meant to be a fun way to get to know you and your background in CrossFit as well as to determine what areas to coach you on going forward.


We welcome anyone to drop in and try a class. Our drop in single class price is $25.


If you aren’t local, are too busy with work or travel to formally join, or are simply looking for proven “outside the box” programming, we offer that too. Personalized written training programs for all abilities are available to those who need them. Contact Blair Morrison via email at for more details.