Juan Martinez

Growing up in Venice beach, I spent my time and summers on muscle beach and remember finding an admiration and interest in physical fitness at an early age. My small frame did not help my physical ability when playing sports, but I was the first one to try out, step up, and personally challenging myself in the face of adversity. This is a mentality I have carried with me my entire life.

As an early teen my family migrated to Northern California. I spent the rest of my teenage years playing football and wrestling for my High School. Shortly after graduation I volunteered to enlist in the Marine Corps. While serving I learned the importance of being responsible for your own physical and mental health and the satisfaction that it brings.

After two tours, a couple of kids, and 12 years of life I found myself in a monotonous routine. As I was searching for that spark that I had as a younger man, I had a friend tell me “you should try Crossfit.” I walked in to a box one cold December morning, saw the equipment, and was curious why the trainer handed me a PVC pipe. He started to explain some of the movements, introduced me to the “WOD,”and for the next hour proceeded to hand me my ass with just the PVC pipe. I walked out dripping and captivated

After a while I began to enter Crossfit competitions, and not long after I decided to completely embrace my new found passion by obtaining my Level 1 certification. Since being introduced to Crossfit, my quality of life has improved dramatically. To pass that on is my ultimate goal as a coach.