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Voted Best Gym in Sacramento!

AnywhereFit is a 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2018 KCRA A-List Winner.

A Powerful Community

Top level athletes, including 3X Games athlete Blair Morrison, lead the program at AnywhereFit. Coaches make and break a gym, AnywhereFit is built on a solid foundation.

Meet Blair Morrison

Blair played football and studied History at Princeton University before entering the fitness industry in 2005. He has competed in CrossFit at the highest level, qualifying for the 2009, 2010, and 2011 Games as an individual competitor, finishing 7th, 22nd, and 5th, respectively. He opened AnywhereFit in 2011.

Why choose only one way to fitness

Tired of doing the same thing? Don't have enough variety in your workout routine? AnywhereFit is focused on providing workouts for all levels of fitness and interests. A broader range of fitness is key for health, building muscles, improving flexibility and more. View Our Programs
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  • We Believe that fitness is non-negotiable

    In life, the ability or inability to meet physical challenges shape an individual’s personality and lifestyle. Be it moving luggage to the overhead bin, climbing the stairs at work, or hiking the Tahoe rim trail, we believe in a world filled with confidence and strength. Our mission is to enable people to meet their challenges, whatever they may be.

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