Matt Rattay

GM, CrossFit Games, USA Weightlifting, CrossFit level 2
matt rattay cfa

Matt “Mighty Mouse” Rattay I went to Regionals in 2015 and took 15th as an individual in the Central Region. I then went on the following year and went to the CrossFit Games on a team (Three Kings Black) I saw the CrossFit Games on TV during a work shift at LifeTime Fitness (Lifeguard) and watched the Cinco’s workout. I saw huge guys deadlifting heavy weights, and doing single leg pistols with cool looking kettlebells. I thought that was cool and all, but what sold me was when they then proceeded to kick up into a handstand and do walks, then did muscleups and handstand pushups. When I saw all of that, I told myself that I would get to those Games eventually as an individual and win the damn thing. I’m still on that path now. This year feels like a special one. God willing and God guiding.