I came into the box after driving by for several months watching people running and carrying stuff and pushing stuff around the parking lot. I was 57 years old and close to 250 pounds and would get winded walking up the driveway. I was noticing people of all age groups doing this stuff. So one day last August I stopped by and asked Coach Rob “Do you help fat people lose weight?” Rob said we have all kinds of people with varying levels of fitness and the next class was 6:30 a.m. the next morning. I showed up and part of our warm up was to run 400 meters. Of course I ran (kind of sort of) to the 400-meter mark instead of the 200 meter mark. I think Rob thought I had left.

The next time I came in to the box Coach Juan came up to me and introduced himself. I did not know he was a coach at the time, just somebody working out. I thought the people were actually nice here? Not only were all the coaches extremely helpful and made the workout fun; I was extremely impressed with how encouraging all of the athletes were at the box. Travis comes to mind as giving good advice and encouragement. The last time I had been to a gym in the 90’s, my experience was mostly jerks walking around looking at themselves in the mirror. Coach Nicki was extremely helpful those first few weeks and still is.

Most of last fall I spent gradually getting my health back and actually started losing weight! I could always count on Scott S. and Todd to be in my 6:30 am class and pushing me and encouraging me. I then screwed up my knee. I thought I was back on the couch for several months. Blair told me to come back and they would take care of me. Whatever the WOD or warm up was, whoever the coach was that day, they would instruct me how to modify my workout not to hurt my knee. Gradually my knee got better and my workouts became more and more intense. I was gradually dropping weight.

To sum this up, I now weigh 197 pounds, dropped 4 pants sizes and went from a 46 suit jacket to a 42 and my fitness and outlook on life has greatly improved! I cannot thank Blair, Rob, Juan, Nicki, Rick and the rest of the athletes and coaches at Anywhere Fit enough. Thank you.